Ep. 80: Creating a Thriving Community, with Jennifer Searles

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Lance is the Founder and Managing Partner of Verivest, an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing, and a Principal in Fairway America, a real estate private equity firm in Portland, Oregon.

When 42 percent of Americans are not able to afford a $500 dollar emergency, that’s where Veritas Impact Partners comes in. Jennifer Searles, CEO of Veritas, joins Lance to round up the mini series with Thrive FP. Veritas Impact Partners plays a crucial role in building a community that thrives and supports one another. Understanding that people face hard challenges, Veritas partners with workforce housing to provide free telehealth visits for residents, after school programming, rental assistance and many other valuable resources that fosters community, changes lives, and ultimately creates resident retention.

This Week’s Guest

With 19 years of non-profit leadership, Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to Veritas. She is mission-driven with a strong core value that is the backbone of her innovative, radical resident engagement approach—one-to-one relationships are essential.

Jennifer knows that every strategy she implements is for the larger cause of betterment for the Veritas residents—every choice she makes is an opportunity to change someone’s life.

Often called a matchmaker, Jennifer instinctively inspires connections between those fortunate and compassionately moved to assist others and the needs of the residents she serves.

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Episode 80