Ep. 54: Checking into the Hospitality Asset Class, with Mike Stohler

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Lance is the Founder and Managing Partner of Verivest, an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing, and a Principal in Fairway America, a real estate private equity firm in Portland, Oregon.

Mike Stohler is founder of the Arizona-based Gateway Equity Group. A former airline pilot, Mike joins Lance to share how the analytical mindset of his old profession translates to his current role as an active investor. They also break down one of Mike’s core areas of focus: Hospitality. The pandemic has battered the sector, but opportunity is out there. Mike discusses his preference for limited-service “bread and butter” hotels, identifying value in the space, navigating the myriad tax advantages … and his aversion for fast-talking salespeople.

This Week’s Guest

Looking for better returns and more opportunity, he transitioned into hotel investing after previously owning and/or operating over 1300 units in the multi-family space. Yes, the real estate industry is cyclical. Yes, hotels have ups and downs. But hotels are a powerful and exciting industry combining real estate + business strategies. He’s a Navy Veteran and former airline pilot. He sees real estate partnerships as an excellent way to build wealth. He is also a Podcaster at The Richer Geek Podcast.

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Episode 54