Ep. 37: Breaking Down the Doors to Financial Freedom, with Monick Halm

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Lance is the Founder and Managing Partner of Verivest, an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing, and a Principal in Fairway America, a real estate private equity firm in Portland, Oregon.

Monick Halm is the founder of Real Investor Goddesses, a community of professional women creating wealth through real estate. Monick — a lawyer-turned-flipper-turned-syndicator — was inspired to start the movement after attending a real estate seminar a decade ago and seeing almost no fellow female attendees. Lance and Monick discuss the critical role that education and advocacy play in bringing new investors into the space, and her three C’s for vetting potential partners: character, commitment, capacity.

This week’s guest

Monick Halm is an educator and advocate for women to create passive income streams through real estate investing. Her mission is to assist 1 million women to achieve financial freedom through real estate. She is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, and is herself a real estate investor and syndicator with over 15 years of real estate investing experience in multi-family, industrial, mobile home and RV parks, flipping, vacation rentals, and ground-up development. Together with her husband and her investors, she owns over 1300 rental units across 7 states.

She is the #1 bestselling author of The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook, Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, and Investing in Real Estate from $1 to $1 Million. She is the host of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast. She is also a Real Estate Strategy Mentor, keynote speaker, recovering attorney, certified interior designer, Feng Shui expert, avid world traveler, wife and mother of three amazing kids.

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Episode 37