Interested in being a guest?

The guests that I find most interesting are those that have really great stories about how you or someone you might know got their a** handed to them in a real estate transaction due to fraud, incompetence, overheated market, etc. I find that it’s easier for people to learn things based on other people’s failures. Cautionary tales so to speak.

I also like talking with people that have a super deep understanding about specific property types, asset strategies or specific markets. Those with conviction about what it is that they do. Someone that can provide the audience with contrasting ideas. “Most people do this. Here’s what I do instead.” I’m trying to avoid those that just spout the same things that everyone else says about being a successful investor (e.g. buy low, sell high, buy in markets with good school districts, etc.). 

My goal with the podcast is to help truly passive investors (business owners, doctors, dentists, retirees, etc.) to better understand how these real estate strategies work so that they can become better at assessing investment sponsors and at underwriting investment opportunities on their own with an eye towards determining whether or not they are being quoted an above average risk adjusted return.

All that to say, if you feel you can help me further my goal than I would be more than happy to have you on my show. In fact, if you know someone else in the business that meets this criteria I’d love to meet them as well.

Lance Pederson | Host

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