Ep. 44: Navigating the Communication Landmine, with Adam Gower

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Lance is the Founder and Managing Partner of Verivest, an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing, and a Principal in Fairway America, a real estate private equity firm in Portland, Oregon.

Adam Gower of the Gower Crowd joins Lance for a spirited conversation that keeps returning to communication as THE fundamental concern of investors. Adam is a former digital marketer who views real estate investing through the lens of the marketing funnel. He and Lance talk about the basic fears of both investor and sponsor, the scourge of the Clubhouse mentality, deal junkies, rose-colored IRRS, and much more.

This week’s guest

Adam Gower Ph.D. helps real estate sponsors build their investor lists and raise more equity without having to spend all their time networking. He has more than 30 years and $1.5 billion of transactional experience in commercial real estate finance and investment. Today he builds best of class digital marketing platforms for private clients so they can raise more capital online and provides online courses for those who want to do it themselves – all at GowerCrowd.com. You can find his new book, SYNDICATE, here.

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Episode 44